Dr Toni Cockburn

Veterinarian / Practice Owner


I grew up in Far North Queensland, and for as long as I can remember had a passion for helping orphaned and injured animals and wildlife.  Ours was the house that was “always home to a furred or feathered friend in need”.  In 1999, I completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at James Cook University in Townsville, before moving to Perth in 2000 to achieve my dream of becoming a Veterinary Surgeon.

I graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Biology and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 2003 and have since worked at a number of practices in NSW and WA.  In 2017, I established Perth Pet Vet Mobile Service. 

Due to a love of birds, I undertook further study, and in 2012, after successfully completing exams, was granted membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Avian Health.  I am one of the few veterinarians with this membership in Western Australia.

In January 2019 I opened Perth Pet Vet, a purpose built, modern and fully equipped Veterinary Hospital. 

Outside of work, I am kept busy with my four young children, my incredibly supportive husband and our flock of furred and feather companions. 

Nima Chanthira Sekar



I have wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember and worked hard to graduate from Murdoch University in 2019. After this, I had the privilege to work in a busy Kalgoorlie clinic for the last two years where I treated a variety of species – from horses, reptiles, birds, pocket pets, kangaroos, dogs and cats. Every day I am reminded how amazing my job is by my patients and clients. My favourite species to work with are reptiles and birds, but I love treating all the critters. I look forward to meeting all your furry, scaly, feathery family members.